How GENIO Enables Multi-Die Design

Mike Gianfagna, in his blog for SemiWiki declared that, “MZ Technologies is a unique company that enables multi-die design by providing critical planning and analysis tools that sit above the traditional EDA design flow.”

He went on to point out that, given a set of constraints, GENIOTM delivers a good result.  He then posed some interesting questions: What is the right set of constraints?  What type of stack (for 3D), what type of interposer (for 2.5D) and what type of placement of blocks and pins will deliver the best result?  These, Mike says, are just some of the questions that GENIOTM addresses.

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MZ Technologies Makes Multi-Die Design a Reality

When a single monolithic chip is no longer enough, moving to a multi-die approach is the answer. But this innovative step is so fraught with challenges that the industry given the process a name:  Pathfinding.

SemiWiki explains how MZ Technologies GENIOTM addresses the system architecture and IC/package co-development flow and optimizes the best approach for form factor, energy, performance, and cost.

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Conquering 2.5D and 3D Chip Design Challenges with Monozukuri

Monozukuri, member of the ESD Alliance, is out to conquer 2.5D and 3D design challenges for next-generation electronic products by delivering innovative, groundbreaking EDA software solutions and methodologies.

Interview to Anna Fontanelli, Monozukuri’s founder and CEO. Expert in deep-submicron silicon technology and design tools. She shared her perspectives on the state of Moore’s Law and challenges surrounding 2.5D integration, 3D chip stacking and advanced packaging, as well as the chip design industry’s startup environment.

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CEO Interview: Anna Fontanelli for AssoDonna

In this interview with Italian blog AssoDonna, Monozukuri CEO & Founder Anna Fontanelli talks about her career as an entrepreneur, mother and wife. She shares about growing up in a stimulating family and what drove to major in mathematics at the university and then apply what she learned to microelectronics.

Anna also comments on how working for some of the most influential companies in the semiconductor industry influenced her to establish Monozukuri S.p.A.  She also recounts how she assembled a team of engineers, researchers, technicians who introduced GENIO™, the first  IC/packaging co-design tool, and how the company was named recently recognized by a leading “ technology publication as “Start-up of the Year.

Here’s the link to the original article in Italian.

MZ Technologies has won a 2021 3DInCities Award as Startup of the Year

MZ Technologies has won a 2021 3DInCities Award as Startup of the Year for its advances in 3DIC packaging technology.  The judges were impress by the company’s innovative and much-needed EDA tool that takes into account  multiple components covering the 3D co-packaging of chips and chiplets down to the PCB level.

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Monozukuri Joins ESD Alliance

MZ Technologies, the first company to provide a proven IC/package co-design tool, is widening the adoption of the technology joining the Electronic System Design Alliance, a SEMI Technology Community. Through its ESDA membership Monozukuri  advocate for the design community in its quest to adopt time and cost savings tools targeting the emerging 21st century design challenges.

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The Seal of Excellence Certificate 2020

Monozukuri has received, in may 2020, the Seal of Excellence Certificate from the European Commission for  its project HIPER Evolution, the next step of the running HIPER Project.

The certification substantiates the superior quality and business potential of HIPER Evolution and signifies that Monozukuri has passed a very competitive selection process, an achievement accomplished by a small number of European companies.

The European Commission awarded Monozukuri for a 1.2M€ Project

We are very proud to announce that we are one of the 64 Winners of the latest Phase 2 call of the H2020 SME Instrument Programme, awarded by the European Commission!

The SME Instrument invests in companies that demonstrate world-class technology innovation, prove they have a sound business plan, and show great promise in becoming a profitable high-growth company.

The HIPER project was one of the 135 selected (out of 1280) by the European Commission for step2 of the evaluation process.
On April 16th a delegation of Monozukuri participated in the interview in Brussels, to pitch the project in front of jury of experts.

It is a reason of great pride to have participated in this final phase and have been able to represent an Italian excellence that was much appreciated by the commissioners during the interview.