Monozukuri Joins Europe Horizon’s NimbleAI Project

MZ Technologies, announced that it has joined Europe Horizon’s NimbleAI Research Initiative. Know-how Critical to Project’s 3D-IC EDA Tool Set.

Monozukuri Joins Europe Horizon’s NimbleAI Project

Rome – November 17, 2022

Know-how Critical to Project’s 3D-IC EDA Tool Set  

MZ Technologies, the marketing arm of Monozukuri S.p.A., today announced that it has joined Europe Horizon’s NimbleAI Research Initiative.

MZ Technologies brings to NimbleAI the first European EDA software tools and solutions for 3D design. The company, along with several partners, will support a 3D physical design feasibility study covering architecture exploration, system interconnect optimization and development of new functionalities related to timing/power/thermal analysis.  The study will demonstrate the manufacturability of a 3D stacked neuromorphic sensing solution.

NimbleAI leverages energy-efficient visual sensing and processing to build upon the latest advances in integrated circuit technology and 3D stacked silicon integration, and create an integral sensing-processing neuromorphic architecture that efficiently and accurately runs computer vision algorithms in resource and area-constrained endpoint chips.

Part of the NimbleAI project is the development of EDA tools that will design the next-generation neuromorhic devices.  Monozukuri’s task will be to explore currently existing methodologies for designing 3D stacked ICs and identify existing gaps and limitations. MZ will then add new functionalities to its existing baseline 3D co-design EDA tool that already delivers what-if analysis and system exploration techniques to support integration with simulation and emulation tools along with pre-manufacturing checks.


“It is a singular recognition that NimbleAI would choose MZ technologies for this very critical task, rather than rely on more well-known, traditional EDA companies.  We look forward to demonstrating the visionary capabilities of our IP/chiplet co-design technology,” said Anna Fontanelli, MZ Technologies’ CEO and Founder.


Monozukuri’s mission is to conquer 2.5D & 3D design challenges for next generation electronic products by delivering innovative, ground-breaking EDA software solutions and methodologies. The technology redefines the co-design of heterogeneous microelectronic systems by providing an improved level of automation in three-dimensional interconnect optimization.




MZ Technologies is partnering with Horizon Europe as part of the NimbleAI research project.


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