The GENIO product suite provides a holistic design environment for the next generation 2D, 2.5D and 3D multi component of systems. GENIO offers world beating performance in terms of speed, optimisation efficiency and resultant system performance.

Built on the Duet platform GENIO enables system design across multiple levels and components including die, chiplets , silicon interposer, package, and surrounding PCB eliminating  dead end architectures and ensuring First Time Right.

The GENIO products are able to seamlessly integrate with all the existing commercial implementation platforms (via standard formats) or custom EDA flows (through dedicated plug-ins).

GENIO’s graphic interface provides an immersive 3D interactive visualisation of the complete system.

GENIO’s architecture enables new standard and customized features to be integrated thus supporting both evolving tool environments and  specific proprietary customer’s requirements.

Each of the GENIO products can be configured to specific system designs but the inclusion of specific options such as TSV Optimization, RDL feasibility router, I/O ring builder etc. See diagram below.

The underlying technology was developed within the Horizon 2020 European project named HIPER.

GENIO Solutions for 2D – 2.5D – 3D Architectures

Products and Options


  • Concurrent design collaboration
  • What-if exploration and analysis
  • I/O planning and Optimization system-wide
  • Support for all ASIC and Package design flows
  • Pad ring layout optimization for ASIC designs
  • RDL routing optimization for flip-chip designs
  • Support a comprehensive rule set for physical, electrical, design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for test (DFT) domains
  • System design cycle reduction
  • Teamwork support to connect multi-discipline design teams into a single task force
  • Guarantee productivity and quality of results
  • Chip data: GDSII, Library Exchange format (LEF)/Design Exchange format(DEF), Verilog, and TXT/CSV files
  • Package data: Drawing Interchange Format (DXF), Advanced Input format (AIF) and TXT/CSV files
Hardware Platforms
  • PC
  • Workstation
Operating Systems Support
  • Linux
  • Windows