VIEWPOINT 2020: Anna Fontanelli, CEO and Founder, Monozukuri s.p.A

Monozukuri I/O optimization #technology – led by Founder & CEO Anna Fontanelli, heads into 2020 to develop fully optimized 2.5/3D solutions for high performance applications.

Monozukuri: Software per prodotti IoT

The magazine millionaire published an article about the winners of the latest H2020SME edition, including Monozukuri S.p.A., an European EDA Company, working in the market of early floorplanning for 2.5D-3D IC Integration.

Design e automazione per la microelettronica

After the Horizon 2020 success, Monozukuri Spa got a mention by Il Sole 24 Ore – the renowned financial newspaper.

I2i e Lazio Innova investono nella start up Monozukuri

The innovative idea of Monozukuri – company founded by Anna Fontanelli – gets an important investment from I2i and Lazio Innova.